About Us


Seach Medical Group is among Israel’s and the world’s medical cannabis growing pioneers. It has been a global leader in innovation in the field of medical cannabis since 2008. The company was established by the Sarid family, third-generation agriculturalists, who learned of this field through their father’s medical condition which taught them the positive influences cannabis can have on a range of illnesses.

In addition to a thorough research foundation of the plant’s properties, the Sarid family delved into research and development of medical cannabis to improve the lives of thousands of patients and their families. Over the years, their extensive knowledge and experience have expanded to the degree that, for the past decade, Seach Medical Group has marketed medical cannabis of uncompromising quality to thousands of patients every month. The company’s products are produced in accordance with the stringent standards and Israel Ministry of Health guidelines.

Seach’s objective is to work towards improving the quality of life of patients while realizing the medical potential inherent in cannabis. This responsibility manifests in developing the next generation of medical cannabis products and conducting breakthrough clinical studies in cooperation with hospitals and leading companies.

The expansive knowledge and experience Seach has gained in the past decade allows the company to constantly improve the quality of its products while enhancing its technologies. Seach’s presence as a leading player in the global cannabis industry is based, among other things, on research and development in a variety of areas: developing unique cannabis strains, achieving breakthrough growing technologies, product development, innovation consumption methods, and conducting comprehensive research on the active components within the plant and their influence on the human body.


IMC-GMP: Products by Seach Medical Group in Israel are produced and packaged in Israel in accordance with IMC-GMP.

IMC-GAP: Seach Medical Group’s farms in Israel were the first to propagate and grow IMC-GAP, certified to operate in accordance with the IMC-GAP Medical Cannabis Standard. The company provides medical cannabis products based on this standard to pharmacies under there new regulations since 2018.

Dispensing in pharmacies: IMC-GDP

ISO 9001:2015 is the international quality management standard. Seach Medical Group in Israel continuously upholds this standard since 2016.

GACP: Seach Medical Group’s farm in Israel operates in congruence with the WHO Guidelines on GACP (Good Agricultural & Collection Practices) for medicinal plants.

EU-GMP: Seach Medical Group is capable of supplying EU-GMP certified products via our partner manufacturers in Europe.