Clinical Research

Seach Medical Group is constantly set on the goal to create new, innovative cannabis products that can contribute to a significant improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

To achieve that goal, and in light of the need for expansion of the research infrastructure in the field of medical cannabis, Seach is leading groundbreaking clinical studies that are based on the experience and data it accumulated in working with medical cannabis patients for over a decade. These studies are conducted in collaboration with top-tier research bodies, which are examining the medical effects of different cannabis products on a variety of indications, for the ultimate purpose of providing treatment solutions for as many patients as possible.

In recent years, more and more research institutions and governments around the world are beginning to acknowledge the medical potential of the cannabis plant. This global trend is changing the way cannabis products are perceived by the general public, from recreational to medical.

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Nitzan Spectrum™

At present, there are no approved pharmaceutical products for the treatment of core symptoms of Autistic Syndrome Disorder (ASD), but in recent years we witness a growing interest in the therapeutical benefits of CBD-rich in children diagnosed with ASD. Several studies have indicated that CBD-rich cannabis is safe for children and may be efficient in the reduction of behavioral disorders and the improvement of social communication. However, these studies had based most of their conclusions on parental feedback, with limited use of clinical evaluations.

Lately, we have completed a major clinical study in collaboration with the Shamir Medical Center in Assaf Harofeh Hospital, researching the efficiency of a CBD-rich formulation developed by Seach in the treatment of ASD symptoms in diagnosed children and teenagers, over a 6-month period.

Nitzan Spectrum™ is a cannabis oil product based on a unique formulation, created with consideration for the high sensitivity children and teenagers diagnosed with ASD often demonstrate to certain flavors and aromas. Alongside a high CBD content, the formulation also features a combination of terpenes identified with the potential to be efficient in the treatment of ASD symptoms.

The study concluded that Nitzan Spectrum™ may lead to improvement of social skills in children and teenagers presenting severe ASD symptoms, as well as their quality of life and general wellbeing, without any negative effects on cognitive functions.


Subject: Using Seach’s medical cannabis products for the treatment of migraines.

Research Method: Questionnaire intended to study a theoretical link between a phytocannabinoids-based treatment and the frequency of migraine attacks.

Participants: Licensed medical cannabis patients that have been diagnosed with recurring migraine attacks by a physician.

In the questionnaire, the participants reported on the frequency and severity of migraine attack in the month preceding the treatment period, and on the same variables as experienced by them during a month-long treatment period, during which they had used two Seach strains, Black™ and Lavan™.

According to their answers in the questionnaire, the participants were categorized into two groups:

  • Those who responded to the treatment, reporting at least 50% reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks comparing to the month preceding the treatment period.
  • Those who did not respond to the treatment, reporting no meaningful change in the frequency of migraine attacks comparing to the month preceding the treatment period.

Results: 61% of participants reported a significant reduction change in the frequency of migraine attacks comparing to the month preceding the treatment period.

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