Seach Medical Group, Pioneering the field of medical cannabis in Israel and worldwide. Founded by the Sarid family, 3rd generation of farming experts, who were exposed to the great medical potential of cannabis during their father’s unfortunate sickness. Seach Medical Group leads the forefront of medical cannabis quality and research worldwide thanks to innovative agricultural infrastructure, ownership of a wide variety of exclusive strains, performing groundbreaking clinical trials and developing innovative technologies…

meet our team

Yogev Sarid


Shay Avraham Sarid


Stimulating worldwide cannabis innovation

Seach Medical Group spearheads cutting edge cannabis R&D through its worldwide network of subsidiaries, operating in Israel and abroad, leading global innovation in cannabis cultivation technologies, delivery methods, terpenes research, advanced breeding technologies, and more.

Breeding strong partnerships

Seach Medical Group knows that good collaborations breed greatness, and believes that idea-based collaborations with cutting-edge technology companies and research institutions, are the key in its quest to the forefront of the global medical cannabis industry.

Seach Medical Group executes breakthrough clinical trials with leading research institutions, with the goal of developing innovative and high-quality cannabis products for the good of the patients. The company’s mission is to shed light on the various properties of cannabis in order to develop  proof-based body of knowledge on the medical effects of new cannabis products  on different medical indications.



Potent by nature,
nurtured by technology



Pure extracts in a
blend of vegetable oils


Advanced consumer goods

Reinventing cannabis

When nature meets pharma

Professional experience of over a decade in treating thousands of patients has provided Seach with valuable insights into the unique needs of medical cannabis  patients. Along with vast horticulture experience and access to a wide range of cannabis strains which were developed in accordance to the patients indications, has enabled  the company to create “Nitzan”, Seach’s Medical Group’s GMP-compliant home brand.


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