Clinical trials

Seach Medical Group works tirelessly to create innovative and high-quality cannabis products, putting the patients’ medical needs at the forefront. With the commitment of quality to Seach’s patients and the ambition to lead and develop the understudied medical cannabis field, the company executes a wide variety of clinical studies to examine the effects of innovative cannabis products on various medical indications.

In recent years, more and more research institutions and governments around the world are beginning to internalize the medical potential of the cannabis plant. This global trend has changed the way medical cannabis products are perceived by the public – from an agricultural product to a medical product.

Nitzan spectrum

In December 2019 Seach Medical Group has conducted a new clinical trial (phase III) with Assaf Harofe hospital, exploring the effects of  enriched cannabis oil on the cognitive and adaptive functions of children on the autistic spectrum (ASD).

The participants in the experiment are treated with “Nitzan Spectrum” product – an oil extracted from the cannabis plant and enriched with other natural ingredients, which was developed based on the experience and knowledge gained by Seach Medical Group during the past decade. The product was modified to fit the target audience by softening the sharp cannabis taste that children on the autistic spectrum are usually highly averse to.

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