cream of the crop

Seach Medical Group have channeled a decade’s worth of professional insights and experience in treating thousands of patients, to create its state of the art, pharma-grade products, compliant with the strictest and most updated standards.

The company’s products in Israel include pure medical cannabis inflorescence and a variety of oil compounds, featuring different concentrates of cannabinoids (THC and CBD), tailored to treat various medical conditions, in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health’s guidelines. In addition, Seach’s subsidiaries offer advanced consumer products sold in several countries around the world.

Oil Products

Pure & percise

Cannabis oil is produced by diluting pure cannabis inflorescence extract in a blend of natural vegetable oils, including olive oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil and other edible oils.


a strain for any indication

At Seach Medical Group cannabis is lovingly grown by a dedicated team of experienced professional agronomists and agriculturists.

Seach’s medical cannabis is cultivated in a climate-controlled greenhouse using automated monitoring systems that allow the harvest of the Inflorescence in their prime. The inflorescence are then carefully dried, cured and packaged according to the Israeli Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

Advanced consumer goods

Seach and its subsidiaries develops innovative cannabinoids delivery methods, products and manufacturing technologies that enable reliable, accurate and personalized cannabis consumption. These technologies are focused on the creation of consistent consumer goods containing precise doses of the active ingredients in the  cannabis plant. These products are marketed in several destinations around the world, including the US.

Power Powder – Pour-Mix-Drink:  Water soluble powder made from Cannabis or Hemp extract, holds a consistent dosage of THC/CBD. Simply pour it in your drink, mix it in and enjoy.

Moodpicks – Stick & Smoke: Pure cannabis or hemp extract that was manipulated to be in the shape and the rigidity of a toothpick. Stick it in your cig or enhance your joint with extra cannabinoids, get the same smoking experience every time.



*currently not sold in Israel